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Cella joins CCS+ Initiative to set high-quality carbon accounting standards

September 2023 - Cella joins other leading carbon storage partners in the CCS+ Initiative to set high-quality carbon accounting standards for both emissions reductions and carbon removal. The CCS+ Initiative is a global, multi-stakeholder alliance  of technology and solution providers, large CO2 emitters, professional service providers, academia, and civil society.

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First Southern Hemisphere Direct Air Capture Plant Planned

July 2023--Cella announce has released a joint plan to build the first Direct Air Capture plant in Kenya. The facility, known as Project Hummingbird, will capture 1,000 tons annually and sequester the removals in subsurface volcanic basalt in the East African Rift Valley.

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Meet Our Latest Startups: Cohort 23-2 and Cohort 23-3 (FGC 2)!

July 2023 - Third Derivative (D3) has announced that Cella is among thirty-six global climate tech startups included in an emerging network connecting investors and innovators alike to bring climate solutions to market.July 2023 - Third Derivative (D3) announces that Cella is included in Cohort 23-3 (FGC2). Joining thirty-five other climate tech startups, Cella is integrated into D3’s network of diverse investors, partners, experts, and mentors to help bring carbon mineralization tech up to scale by supporting climate innovators and entrepreneurs to commercialize new ideas and accelerate towards market success.

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Cella Sets Sights On Scaling Geologic Carbon Sequestration

June 2023 - Cella’s technology accelerates the natural geologic process of CO2 mineralization by injecting captured CO2 from the atmosphere deep underground into highly reactive basalt rocks, where it turns into a solid form.
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This Startup Captures CO2 by Injecting it Straight into Volcanic Rock

January 2023 - Geothermal power in northern Kenya is the perfect location for this startup, since it allows them to borrow infrastructure for carbon capture.

Frontier facilitates second round of carbon removal purchases

December 2022 - In its largest round to date, Frontier has facilitated $11M of carbon removal purchases—from Arbor, Captura, Arca (formerly Carbin Minerals), Carbon To Stone, Cella, CREW and Inplanet—on behalf of Stripe and Shopify.

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